Sadie's offers a variety of pole, aerial, yoga, and conditioning classes for all levels. We promote an environment of acceptance and positivity and we keep our classes small (never more than 8 people in a regularly scheduled class) to ensure quality time with instructors who champion safety, patience, and empowerment. 



We love all forms of pole dance, from sexy stripper style in sky high heels to practicing and mastering super-human tricks, to barefoot, lyrical and experimental. Below are some quick descriptions of our range of pole classes - please call with any questions as the classes change seasonally: 310-773-0298

  • Intro to Pole

    • Required for new students before moving on to Level 1; minimum of 3 classes before moving on

    • Returning from a pole hiatus? Take an intro class and the instructor can help identify the appropriate level for you.

  • Levels 1, 2, and 3

    • L1: Foundations - learn basic spins & spin combos on static pole, grip changes, and build the strength to start climbing and inverting!

    • L2: Harness your momentum for more powerful and layered spin combos, explore spinning pole, and use your newfound strength to get off the ground and upside down!

    • L3: *must be able to aerial invert to take L3

  • Stiletto Flow

    • Choreography and movement exploration in heels! (Pleaser heels or equivalent only; bring kneepads, leggings, and shorts in case we climb)

  • Choreo Flow

    • Choreography and movement exploration in socks or bare feet! (wear leggings, bring shorts and kneepads.)

  • FloorWERK

    • ROTFD: Rolling-on-the-floor-dancing! Increase overall mobility and learn new skills to enhance your pole routines. (Wear layers and bring socks and kneepads.)

  • Open Pole

    • Open practice time to hone what you learned in class, work on a routine, or just free dance to your choice of music! An instructor will be present for safety, but not to teach new moves. Open pole is capped at 5 people so you will always have your own pole.


Aerial acrobatics is a great way to build muscle in your upper body, develop better grip strength, increase endurance, and improve your climbing abilities. Cross training by attending both aerial and pole classes will help accelerate your progress in each of those dance forms.

  • Beginner/Intermediate Aerial Hammock

    • Learn inversions, spins, and drops on aerial hammock depending on previous aerial experience. Beginner and intermediate students welcome! (wear leggings or other long, form-fitting pants)

  • Beginner Silks

    • Movement and fundamentals of climbing, transitions and sequences on aerial silks using proper form and technique. (wear leggings or other long, form-fitting pants)

  • Mixed Aerial

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.31.32 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.38.39 PM.png


  • Mixx Yoga

    • Yoga sequences mixed with short bursts of cardio. Mixx Yoga incorporates interval training into your yoga practice.

  • Fit & Flexy

  • Deep Stretch