Laura Arbios, Group Strength Training, Pole Fitness

It's pretty simple. For me, being strong and fit just makes my day-to-day life better. My brain functions better, and knowing I have a capable body removes the barriers that prevent me from enjoying my life. Life has so much to offer when we stop getting in our own way, and nothing has helped me do that better than strength training and pole fitness.

That said, the last thing I want to do is put down my cookies and get off the couch, but I have to or I’ll become diabetic or something. That’s why I created Sadie’s, a place for people who like working out once they’ve actually made it to the gym. Hopefully we’ve enticed you with enough alternative fitness options that you’ll dodge weight-related illness too. You can even bring your dog! No cats please.


Orchid Cameron, Yoga Instructor

A yogi with over 15 years of experience and certified at Corpower Yoga in Power Yoga, also known as "Flow" or "Vinyasa" yoga. She enjoys helping women reach their goals in fitness in both their mind and body. She is Reiki II certified as well as a personal nutrition coach.  Pole dancing ignites a womanly fire and yoga helps chill out the endless mind chatter that accompanies being human. She finds all these tools are pieces of the puzzle that make life awesome.


Scarlett Hubbard, Active Flexibility and Contemporary Dance